We make flexible working more attractive.
We make flexible working more attractive.

We make flexible working more attractive.

  We make flexible working more attractive.

Flexible organization of shared workforce resources. peeepl make it possible...

Communication with service providers and freelancers, your own or bought-in staff - as the organizer of an event, whether live or hybrid, you want to plan and communicate directly and efficiently with everyone involved.

Staffing, personnel scheduling, compensating for absences due to illness, communication with the team - each of these steps is indispensable, but harbors stumbling blocks and can cost a lot of time. Often, personnel organization and communication are always done manually, i.e. by mail or telephone - or via Excel and several software island solutions. In case of small changes or absences due to illness, the effort increases exponentially. peeepl closes the gap here and provides all event participants with an innovative platform for planning, control and communication.

Move closer to your service providers and partners and reduce your administrative workload by up to 60%. Free up space for you and your team for what really counts: an unforgettable event. 

For which companies are the peeepl platform particularly suitable?

  • For companies, service providers who work on projects or events with a variety of other companies and often rely on external personnel from staffing companies. This applies equally to personnel service providers and freelancers. This can be in the event sector, catering, care or even in the logistics industry.

What challenges in your daily work does peeepl make easier?

  • Managing new and external employees - each user creates their own profile and then connects to you and your company in a role based on how you invited them to join.
  • Personnel planning. The scheduling of in-house and external staff on one platform. To fill an external position, there are usually 23 work steps - with peeepl, many of these steps are eliminated and can be completed with just a few clicks. If your partners also use peeepl, both sides benefit, the administrative effort and the prices for the personnel become more competitive.
  • Compensation for short-term absences - react to staff absences at short notice. If scheduled staff calls in sick, the vacancy is immediately visible to you and or your service provider and you or your service provider can immediately re-advertise the shift both internally and externally with one click.
  • Communication and information - keep a real-time overview of the status in project and shift planning. Planning changes are automatically communicated to your service providers and employees.

What are the technical requirements to use peeepl?

  • A browser on a desktop or mobile device is all you need. peeepl is hosted as a cloud solution in a German data center according to the highest security standards and also offers the performance to scale your business model as desired.
  • We have a FULL Rest API that you can use to connect peeepl to your existing systems or third-party systems.

How much does it cost to use peeepl?

  • peeepl befindet sich derzeit noch in der Entwicklungsphase und damit in einem Beta-Stadium. Wir haben ein Pilot-Programm gestartet, wo wir für Interessenten und unsere KundInnen ein exklusives Angebot vorbereiten haben.
  • Hast du Fragen? Oder möchtest du peeepl in einer Demo kennenlernen, vereinbare hier einen Termin mit uns.